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World premiere: KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE at the INTERMOT 2014

For two years, the KTM 1190 ADVENTURE and 1190 ADVENTURE R are thrilling international Travel Enduro fans. Now, KTM presents its 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE, a sporting luxury touring bike that raises the bar in every respect: power, comfort and equipment.

The 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE is boasting features including 160 hp, cornering lights, hill hold control and cruise control. Furthermore, the outstanding equipment also includes C-ABS (MSC developed by BOSCH), traction control, semi-active WP suspension, luggage racks, center stand and much more. In short: KTM even excels its current ADVENTURE range and presents the world´s strongest, best equipped and safest Travel Enduro.




Twin with more displacement and power: Along the lines of “enough is never enough”, the Austrian engineers transplanted the SUPER DUKE R´s 1290 V2 engine into the new SUPER ADVENTURE. In order to adapt the engine characteristics with more flywheel mass to make it appropriate for a Travel Enduro, KTM uses new cylinder heads, camshafts and crankshaft. The result: 160 hp, 140 Nm and incredible riding fun.

Optimized comfort: The 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE is equipped with a redesigned and therefore optimized windshield. It can be adjusted manually according to the rider´s needs. Even footpegs, seat height and handlebar position can be adjusted individually. Heated comfort seats and grips offer pleasant heat if it is needed. 30 litres tank capacity ensure long-distance rides without any problem.

Optimized rider assistance systems: The standard equipment including programmable semi-active WP suspension, traction control and C-ABS with MSC, was even extended by a cruise control and TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System). With these features KTM still has the edge over its competitors: The KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE is the world´s safest motorcycle. No other manufacturer offers such a package of safety features, not even gainst upcharge.

MSC stands for “Motorcycle Stability Control”, a revolutionary technique which celebrates its debut in the KTM 1190 ADVENTURE and ADVENTURE R in 2014. Developed in cooperation with BOSCH, the system regulates ABS and traction control and makes them work even in tilted position. Simply put, the MSC system works like a cornering ABS; it prevent the wheels from slipping when braking while leaning over.

LED cornering lights and hill hold control: The recently developed LED cornering light is fitted as standard. It simply eases rides in the dark, sine the headlight shines into the corner. Furthermore, the Travel Enduro can be equipped with a technical novelty developed by KTM: the electronic traction aids HHC (Hill Hold Control). This innovation eases starting and maneuvering while riding with a passenger or fully loaded at hills or tilted planes.

What could be better: The new KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE is the state-of-the-art Travel Enduro and the new benchmark amongst adventure-capable bikes.

Have a first look on the bike at the INTERMOT 2014 from October 1-5, Cologne Trade Fair.

Photos: (R. Schedl, H. Mitterbauer)

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