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Paulo Coelho once said, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” For ULTIMATE DUKE RIDER Solomon Daniel, that phrase not only defines his entire riding career – but also his future.

ULTIMATE DUKE RIDER Solomon Daniel and his KTM 200 DUKE PC: @SDaniel

Solomon Daniel grew up along the tropical Malabar coastline in Kerala, India. Renowned for its scenic landscapes and beauty, Kerala is often referred to as ‘God’s own country’, seemingly designed for motorcycling with mountain roads littered with hairpin bends.

Solo grew up along the tropical Malabar coastline in Kerala, India PC: @SDaniel

It would make sense then, that Solomon would inevitably upgrade from his bicycle to a motorcycle, eventually finding his perfect match in a KTM 200 DUKE. However, as you will soon learn, Solomon wasn’t happy with being restricted to the tarmac, and quickly started exploring the dirt tracks around the area.

His KTM 200 DUKE ist equipped with the suspension of a KTM 390 ADVENTURE PC: @SDaniel

He soon realized that it was too risky to take a street bike on deep offroad, but he accepted the challenge regardless – much to the surprise of his fellow riders. Solomon became obsessed with the idea, and soon completely changed the perspective of what a KTM DUKE is capable of with a few modifications.

Solomon discovers the mountains of Kerala aboard his KTM 200 DUKE PC: @SDaniel

Dubbed the KTM 200 ADVENTURE DUKE, Solomon has swapped out the front forks on his KTM 200 DUKE for a set of KTM 390 ADVENTURE units, giving it 170mm front fork travel, with 177mm at the rear, and 200mm ground clearance. This is arguably the first time anyone has replaced the KTM 200 DUKE suspension with that of the KTM 390 ADVENTURE anywhere in the country.

Kerala seems like it was designed for motorcycle riders PC: @SDaniel

When asked if he embodies the DUKE mentality, Solomon answers with an emphatic ‘YES!’

For him, the KTM DUKE represents so much more than a great motorcycle. It’s become a companion. His best memories and adventures have been made possible by owning a KTM DUKE. He even calls himself a DUKE addict, as most of his conversations end with something DUKE related.

Solomon takes his KTM 200 DUKE offroad PC: @SDaniel

But most of all, he attributes his freedom and ability to love life to his KTM DUKE. After all, he says, life’s a journey that has to be enjoyed.

Incidentally, Journey is also his daughter’s name.

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