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The KTM off-road treasure trove

First, you might want to have a look at the catalogue:

And we’d recommend downloading the pdf so you can take your time for a proper browse through the newest collection of fine accessories and tech stuff for off-road KTM fans that reaches more than 150 pages. The Power Parts ‘seduction factor’ is again extremely high and it will never be easier to make a wish list after flicking through the archive.

Tuning items and components as well as special parts for all off-roader and also minis includes (in condensed form): exhaust and silencer manifolds, suspension kits, triple clamps, brake callipers, engine kits for 2 and 4-strokes, air filters, clutches, lithium ion batteries, handlebars, grips, levers, hand guards, steering dampers, hour-meters, anodized engine covers, carbon fibre parts, footrests, decorative kits, benches, tanks, fork tubes, shock absorbers, brake discs, wheels, sprockets, brake pads, coolant hoses, radiator protectors, skid plate, crash pads, protectors, road book, saddlebags, plus all sorts of useful tools and objects from a beaker to the mud scraper to tensioning straps to ramps and motorcycle covers.


The sheer depth of choice will exceed expectations and comes with the knowledge of quality and precision that the KTM stamp carries. If you want to upgrade and optimize your dirtbike the 2014 Power Parts Off-road catalogue guarantees plenty of inspiration and ideas.

Here are three special new additions to watch out for:

– THROTTLE CABLE PROTECTION (reference number: 78102994000) What racer hasn’t had to deal with the hassle of a kinked throttle cable? With this easy-to-install aluminium part this risk of this inconvenience is reduced to a minimum. The protection is mounted on the throttle cable guide to the throttle grip and prevents coiling.

– FUEL PUMP FACTORY CONNECTION (reference number: 77707988017) This factory fuel pump connection, as used by the KTM factory riders, enables closer gasoline hose routing along the engine and prevents the accidental removal of the fuel hose when the bike is skipping through the dirt.

– TYRE ASSEMBLY AID (reference number: 00029901000) The Bead Buddy serves as a third hand when installing a tyre. It holds the tyre on the rim and facilitates mounting of the rubber. Simply hook it into the spoke and off you go.

KTM Power Parts are available through any authorized KTM dealer and a printed version of the 2014 catalogue can also be found at your local store.

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