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RC8R keeps on shining

With notable results on the AMA Superbike scene, the Isle of Man TT and now the Italian Bridgestone Cup the RCR8 continues to impress and leave rivals in its wake. Here’s the latest update on the dashing KTM sports street twin that is turning heads in more ways than one …

Power-play in Italy: RC8 R in Bridgestone Challenge

The kilometre-long straight at Mugello is not for the faint-hearted. Just ask Shinya Nakano after his memorable MotoGP fireball several years ago. The Italian circuit is a wonderfully scenic spiral of elongated rapid turns and high-speed fun and it was on this stage that the twin cylinder RC8R was able to excel once more – against the odds and against the ‘fours’ – in the last of the six rounds in the Bridgestone Cup enabling a comprehensive championship 1-2 finish for Flavio Gentile and Stefano Cordara.

The curves and speed of Mugello provided a fitting arena for the series and the dominant trail of the RC8R in Italy as the course was ideal for the agile handling and virulent top speed of the motorcycle. The title duel went down to Gentile and Cordara after the pair had aced wins in the previous five rounds. It would be Gentile that would rule supreme as the duo completed the perfect set of pole position, fastest lap, victory, a 1-2 race classification and deftly handled the best Mugello and the rest of the field had to offer.

What next for the RC8R? Keep checking out the blog for more stories …

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