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With over 110 KTM PowerParts available to fit straight onto the KTM 790 ADVENTURE, we look at five different ways to add practicality, fine tune comfort and increase confidence ahead of your next summer exploration…


A wide variety of KTM PowerParts has been specifically developed for the Austrian brand’s most accessible Travel bike to date, the KTM 790 ADVENTURE. With tens of thousands of possible permutations, there is something to suit every kind of rider regardless of shape or size, destination or dream.

Riders have peace of mind too, as all KTM PowerParts are developed alongside the bike. Their designs are always optimal, fitment is right first time and the wiring loom is ready to accept all plug and play electrical items – all of which means there are no surprises when it comes to your warranty.

With so much to choose from, we’ve selected a number of creature comforts to ready your KTM for its next cross-country journey.


What if I’m short? The KTM 790 ADVENTURE has the lowest standard seat height of any KTM Travel model – but this is just the start. For those on their tip toes, extra confidence can be added in less than 10 seconds by switching out the rider and pillion seats for the single piece KTM LOW SEAT. This gives the rider an extra 10mm of reach. Should this not be enough and still leave you looking for more stable contact in those adverse camber situations, you are in luck as a further 25mm is possible. KTM and WP Suspension have worked together to produce a LOWERING KIT (Ref: 63512955044) that maintains the riding dynamics you love whilst catering for the smaller rider. The kit compromises of a new WP APEX shock and internal fork parts.


What if I’m tall? More accessibility means more people than ever can comfortably and confidently ride a KTM, so existing fans are still catered for. The design of the seat and tank accommodate those with long legs too, but should you feel you need more space, then the KTM HIGH SEAT is the perfect solution. This adds 20mm to the seat height, raising up the rider and opening the angle of the knee, keeping you comfortable in between those spaced out fuel stops.


Finding Your Way If you are looking to use a traditional nav set up then KTM has produced a number of solutions, the simplest being the GPS HOLDER which mounts in a damped position directly above the 5” TFT display. Suitable for many manufacturer systems including all Garmin and TomTom products, this mount is within easy reach of accessory connections for a tidy, powered set up, or the 12V accessory socket below the clocks. Combined with the Touratech-iBracket, the GPS HOLDER can accommodate the most popular Apple and Samsung devices for those that favour the use of their mobile phone. Rotatable by 90 degrees to suit the riders viewing, the iBracket securely holds the device in its aluminium chassis, perfect for securely supplementing the already detailed dash.


Lighting the Road Ahead If you are the intrepid adventurer riding the whole day through, setting off early or arriving after dark, straying far from the comfort of street lights then we recommend the KTM AUXILIARY LAMP KIT. Two 8W, 4400 candela LED spot lights spread a wide angle of light across the road surface ahead. The kit contains all fitting brackets and wiring harnesses needed to plug straight into the KTM 790 ADVENTURE.


What’s in the Box? It’s no secret that panniers and top boxes make it easier to carry your possessions but carrying what you need from your bike to the hotel can be a little more challenging. The KTM INNER BAGS are a simple solution to help you unload and get across the car park in one trip, spillage free. Designed to fit the irregular internal shape of the KTM TOURING CASES, the bags make the most of all available space. Complete with sturdy removable shoulder straps so you can still carry your helmet too!


Keeping Your KTM Safe Without needing to pack or carry anything extra you can secure your KTM 790 ADVENTURE while you rest up for the next leg of your journey.  Finished in anodized orange, the ROADLOK is highly visible when bolted directly to the brake calliper. Engage the high strength steel locking pin and the device locks the wheel in place stopping any movement, which also prevents those costly and embarrassing moments when you forget to remove a traditional disc lock, you know the ones…

Should you wish to add a belt to braces, you can in the form of an audible deterrent: the plug and play KTM ALARM SYSTEM. Meeting the strictest of European test methods earned this dual circuit immobilizer and alarm system Thatcham homologation status, making it one of the best systems on the market. Securing the unit with the ALARM SYSTEM MOUNTING KIT allows you to plug straight into pre-prepared connection points, meaning protecting your KTM from envious characters does not have to involve potential damage cutting into the loom.

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