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Out now – UNBOUND

Capturing the spirit of Adventure is a new lifestyle magazine from KTM – UNBOUND. The 66-page publication is filled with exclusive stories, technical features and interviews that get right under the skin of the current KTM Travel Enduro range. Amongst its original content, UNBOUND spends a week in Barcelona on two wheels (well, sometimes one) with some of the biggest names in action and motorsports, looks at where to ride, tells some amazing travel stories and how you can capture your own adventure.



Want to know how Mark Webber gets his adrenalin fix away from World Endurance racing? Or why Hannes Arch compared the 1190 ADVENTURE to that of his Red Bull Air Race Zivko Edge 540 aerobatic plane? Head into a KTM dealership across Europe now and pick up a free copy of UNBOUND – the first edition of a new magazine from KTM.

The main feature of the magazine concentrates on four heroes: Luc Alphand, Marc Coma, Hannes Arch and Mark Webber riding the complete 2015 ADVENTURE range – 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE, 1190 ADVENTURE, 1190 ADVENTURE R and 1050 ADVENTURE.



KTM ADVENTURE range 2015

These ‘heroes’ ripped up the roads of Barcelona and its surrounding area at the end of last year for a series of stunning images from photographer Sebas Romero set over 18 pages, accompanied by exclusive interviews. Clearly Coma loves his bikes and was in great form ahead of his fifth Dakar victory, but the feature gives a great insight into how these leaders of very different disciplines share the same bond as all of us when it comes to two wheels.

Elsewhere in the magazine you will find out more about the origins of the KTM ADVENTURE range, get into the mind of Gerald Kiska from Kiska Design, discover how MSC helps KTM produce arguably the safest bike on the road today, let infamous two-wheel explorer, Joe Pichler, help you prepare and pack for an adventure and take a tour around Worcestershire with commentator, Toby Moody, among much more.



First impression ... | Erster Eindruck ...

Take a look at the behind the scene video of the photo shoot …


Explore KTM’s four strong ADVENTURE range.

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