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MSC retrofitting – that´s how it works

Looking for more safety? We explain how the ABS system of the KTM 1190 ADVENTURE can be upgraded to the latest state of the art technology.

Since 20th January 2014, the MSC software is available for retrofit at the KTM dealers. Owners of a 1190 ADVENTURE MY13 have the opportunity to upgrade their ABS system to the revolutionary and most modern development stage of 2014 model year.

MSC is the abbreviation for “Motorcycle Stability Control”. The KTM 1190 ADVENTURE MY14 is the world´s first motorcycle to be equipped with this rider assistance system developed by Bosch – an ABS braking system that works even while cornering. MSC, that makes the KTM ADVENTURE models the safest motorcycles in the world, was successfully presented to the press in September 2013.

10b MSC-ADV vor SK-Bikes-Shop

The MSC retrofit does not require additional hardware, since the 1190 ADVENTURE is already equipped with a tilt angle sensor for the traction control (that is also measuring the pitch angle during extension and compression) and a combined braking system (eCBS). To equip the KTM with the MSC software, often described as ABS system that works while cornering, all you have to do is go to your next KTM dealer shop and let them install the new software.

At the KTM dealer Stefan Kümpel (SK-Bikes) in the German town Bad Kreuznach, we learned how this process works in practice. Mechanic Jens Budrewitz explained the process step by step on the workshop´s demo bike (mileage: 2,138 km, registered in July 2013).

01 Diagnosegeraet an ADV

After moving the ADVENTURE to the work platform and placing the bike on the center stand, the bench is dismounted and the diagnostic tool connected via an interface. In addition a charger is connected to guarantee constant voltage, which prevents that the control module hangs itself due to undervoltage. The diagnostic tool can also be connected via Bluetooth, but it is recommended to load the software via cable links by an USB interface.

When the diagnostic computer recognizes and identifies the bike and all relevant data (model, type, VIN and engine number etc. ), the ECU control module executes an autoscan. Some information, that would be available like on damping system, instrument-cluster, engine electronics, tyre pressure control, engine immobilizer and central electronics, are not required, instead the diagnostic tool obtains and creates a report of the braking electronics.

02 Autoscan-Anforderung

In addition to the dealer customer number, the report of the braking electronics indicates the requested identification of the old ABS and the new MSC mapping and the appropriate item number. Using his computer Jens Budrewitz logs in the KTM Dealer Net and enters the acquired data into the online spare part order.

After entering all relevant data, as well as number codes and the approval for the acquisition of the software update – the amount is immediately debited to the dealer account – the system readily generates the electronic purchase information that contains the activation code of the MSC software.

05 Online-Order in KTM dealernet

Back at the motorcycle the activation code is entered into the diagnostic tool under the menu item “flashen” that eventually starts the transfer of the new MSC software to the ECU control module. The new software is already on the diagnostic tool, the code just releases the transfer to the specific motorcycle. The transfer takes some minutes and a green (not orange!) progress bar visualizes the process.

After the electronic counter-check of the flash history, that ensures the new MSC software is successfully saved and activated, the diagnostic interface is disconnected and removed from the ECU control module and the charger from the battery. After mounting the bench back on, a short test run and a stationary braking test, the ADVENTURE is removed from the workshop. At the end, the rider´s manual is extended by a printed safety note.

09c MSC Update laeuft

Overall, the MSC update takes about 30 to 45 minutes. When arranging an appointment beforehand one should be able to wait at the dealer and ride home with the updated motorcycle. The costs of the MSC software are EUR 399.

The KTM 1190 ADVENTURE MY14 is already equipped and runs with MSC, if the customer is ordering the electronic add-on package. This package encompasses EDS (electronically adjustable chassis), TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system), a center stand as well as MSC with C-ABS (Combined ABS) and offroad mode. The ADVENTURE R also rolls off the line with standard MSC. Who purchases a basic version of the KTM 1190 ADVENTURE without additional electronic package, can have the MSC software installed at the KTM dealers like the owners of a KTM 1190 ADVENTURE MY13.

10 JB mit MSC-ADV

From January to our visit, mechanic Jens Budrewitz already installed the MSC software on two customer ADVENTUREs. What does he give the lucky ones to take along? Answer: “Still it´s better not to overdo. MSC isn´t a life insurance, but under certain circumstances it makes life easier and safer.”

What happened to the MSC equipped KTM 1190 ADVENTURE of SK-Bikes? It will further be a demo model and probably convince several prospective customers of its special skills during a test ride. In spring, the current demo bike will be replaced by 2014 model, which then will be up for sale.

Photos: Buenos Dias

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