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Interview of the Month: Pol and Bradley’s favorites

There are plenty of just a bit too serious interviews on our MotoGPTM heroes, so instead we thought we’d keep it nice and casual. We met up with Pol Espargaró and Bradley Smith in the Red Bull Hospitality to do a little quiz. The KTM duo had to guess each other’s favorites, and for every right answer they scored a point. Let’s see who came out on top!

Pol: “Ah, I’m already pretty sure Bradley’s going to be so much better at this than me.” Bradley: “He doesn’t even know who his own favorites are. That’s Pol’s problem. Right, let’s do this. I’m ready!” Pol: “Me too!”

Pol Espargaró (ESP) & Bradley Smith (GBR) 2018 © Jarno van Osch/Shot Up Productions | Guus van Goethem

Favorite MotoGPTM Legend? Pol: “Yes, I know this one! That has to be Randy Mamola. He helped Bradley out during his career and was inducted to the Legends Club at the Austin Grand Prix of this year. That’s a point for me; I’m sure!” Bradley: “He’s right. I have no clue as to who would be Pol’s favorite MotoGPTM Legend, but I do remember a rider that used to mean a lot to him. That’s Alex Barros.” Pol: “Yes, that’s a point for Brad.” Bradley: “Though Alex isn’t officially a Legend, right?” Pol: “He isn’t? Well, he sure should be.” Bradley: “You know what? We are now making him a Legend here on the spot.” Pol: “I totally agree. Alex helped me so much when I was only just starting out in racing, back when I raced in the Catalan championship. I was managed by a guy that knew Alex and he set up a meeting with him. He was so kind and he let me into his motorhome. As a little kid that meant so much. I really enjoyed him helping me back then.” Bradley: “That was back when television was still in black and white, right?”

Pol vs Bradley: 1:1

Favorite holiday destination? Bradley: “That’s an easy one. Pol’s is Australia. Surfing and the beach are the only things you could wake Pol up early for. Well, that and riding a MotoGPTM bike, obviously. He’ll wake up for that, too.” Pol: “That was a bit too easy. I don’t have a clue what Bradley’s favorite holiday destination is. Malaysia maybe, with extreme temperatures and the horrid humidity. He’d love that; he has to.” Bradley: “Hahaha … Yeah, just about right! No, I really enjoy going to America; California above all. I really like San Diego. Bit of motocross, pushbike rides, and the beach. That’s the good life.”

Pol vs Bradley: 1:2

Favorite racetrack? Bradley: “Easy again. That is Phillip Island. Australia and that track are at the top of his list, I’m absolutely sure.” Pol: “Oh, come one! This isn’t fair. Anyway, I guess Bradley’s would be Silverstone. Sole reason to go with that is because it’s his home track, because I really wouldn’t know …” Bradley: “It’s Mugello, though.” Pol: “Right, I should have known that. Another point for Brad.”

Pol vs Bradley: 1:3

Pol Espargaró (ESP) 2018 © Jarno van Osch/Shot Up Productions | Guus van Goethem

Favorite movie? Pol: “Bradley’s? That’s a given! Has to be Dirty Dancing, both part 1 and part 2.” Bradley: “Pol is amazing, isn’t he? Guessing Pol’s favorite movie would be My Little Pony then. It just has to be.” Pol: “Who told you that?”

Obviously neither Pol nor Bradley will be getting any point for this. The score remains 1-3.

Favorite beverage? Bradley: Red Bull.” Pol: “It’s incredible; how do you know all this? But then Red Bull has to be your favorite, right? High five, man! We’re really good at this. But, do you know my favorite flavor too?” Bradley: “Err, dunno. Sugar free perhaps?” Pol: “No way. That has to be your favorite, since you’re constantly working on your diet. It’s Silver; the lime flavored one.”

Pol vs Bradley: 2:4

Pol Espargaró (ESP) & Bradley Smith (GBR) 2018 © Jarno van Osch/Shot Up Productions | Guus van Goethem

Favorite current MotoGPTM rider? Bradley: “I’d have to go with his brother Aleix. It might not be his absolute favorite, but he just has to say he is. It’s still family, right?” Pol: “Yes, Bradley nailed it. If it wasn’t for Aleix I would have probably said Dovizioso. Good guy all round and a fast rider too. Really nice guy, but of course my first pick would be my brother.” Bradley: “Pol, it’s 5-2 for me now. You are going to have to start picking up the slack. Just adding a bit of pressure for you.” Pol: “Well, another tough one. Cal Crutchlow, maybe?” Bradley: “Nope.” Pol: “It isn’t? Scheisse! [Shit!]” Bradley: “I’ll give you another shot. Don’t think you’ll get it anyways.” Pol: “Okay, so it’s someone I wouldn’t think of right away … Karel Abraham then!” Bradley: “Wrong! It’s Danilo Petrucci. Main reason is how he made it to MotoGPTM. He got so much stick when he rode the CRT bike. But every chance he got, he took. He just keeps making strides and now he’s managed to put his signature under a works contract. At this point in his career, that deserves respect.”

Pol vs Bradley: 2:5

Favorite car? Bradley: “Pol came in his dream car, so that’s a Lamborghini. Just no clue on what type it is. What was that again?” Pol: “Yes, he’s right. It’s a Huracán. I know Bradley doesn’t feel much for supercars, so that isn’t worth going into. I expect he would like a nice van; something his dirtbike would fit into. He could even live and sleep in there, that’s the sort of answer I’m expecting.” Bradley: “That’s not a bad idea, but to be fair, my dream car is a Rolls-Royce.” Pol: “Of course, I like those too.” Bradley: “To put it simply; I have two sides. I’m from Oxford, so I’m expected to be the gentleman. A bit posh. That’s why I like Rolls-Royces. My grandfather has one; a 1996 or 1997 model. His car still looks amazing. But yeah, then I’m also a gipsy, so living out of a van is something I’d enjoy too. So, Pol’s answer was actually half good. Can we award half points?”

Pol vs Bradley: 2.5:6

Bradley Smith (GBR) 2018 © Jarno van Osch/Shot Up Productions | Guus van Goethem

Favorite animal? Bradley: “I know that one too! A kangaroo.” Pol: “Here we go again! Everything comes down to my love for Australia.” Bradley: “Don’t get me wrong, but we’ve been teammates for … wow, a long time. Since 2014, I guess? You get to know a person, you know.” Pol: “But then tell me, how come you seem to know me a lot better than I know you? You’ve never told me about your favorite animal.” Bradley: “I don’t talk about my personal life that much, actually.” Pol: “Do you even like animals at all? I don’t even know that. I’m going with a rabbit; shot in the dark.” Bradley: “Nope, it’s a crocodile.” Pol: “How was I supposed to know that? You like crocodiles; that’s crazy!”

Pol vs Bradley: 2.5:7

Pol Espargaró (ESP) & Bradley Smith (GBR) 2018 © Jarno van Osch/Shot Up Productions | Guus van Goethem

Favorite sport? Amendment: no other forms of motorsport allowed. Pol: “If that’s the case, it has to be cycling for Bradley.” Bradley: “That’s right. For Pol I’d go with ski touring, like hiking in the mountains but on skis. He lives in Andorra, and I know he goes into the mountains there a lot during winter.” Pol: “I’ll let him have half a point, because I really do like surfing too. The other sport, I think, is officially called Skimo.”

Pol vs Bradley: 3.5:7.5

Favorite food? Bradley: “I’d go with pan con tomate, a typical Catalan thing.” Pol: “Good again. I really love that. Basically, just toast you rub tomato into. Bit of oil and some cured ham to go with it. I think Bradley would go with something like a nice and big hamburger maybe? That’s what I’d pick for him if we’d be in a restaurant.” Bradley: “It’s a typical British roast dinner. We usually eat that on a Sunday and it’s actually pretty quaint. Meat, potatoes, and greens. No points for Pol.” Pol: “Seriously? I’m getting owned here!”

Pol vs Bradley: 3.5:8.5

Pol Espargaró (ESP) 2018 © Jarno van Osch/Shot Up Productions | Guus van Goethem

Favorite motocross rider? Bradley: “Oh my god … Best guess? Vico [former Spanish MX rider].” Pol: “No, mine is Jorge Prado. He’s young, he’s talented, and he’s always smiling. Good kid and a Spaniard of course. Another bonus; he’s a KTM rider too. Bradley’s favorite is … “ Bradley: “We have the same complexion.” Pol: “I know, I know. The American, right? Didn’t he race for Kawasaki?” Bradley: “And Suzuki, and Honda too. Raced the number 4.” Pol: “I just can’t come up with the name!” Bradley: “It starts with Car …” Pol: “Carmichael, yes.” Bradley: “Okay, we’ll let Pol have half a point.”

Pol vs Bradley: 4:8.5

Bradley Smith (GBR) 2018 © Jarno van Osch/Shot Up Productions | Guus van Goethem

Favorite music? Bradley: “Pol would go with Reggaeton, I guess.” Pol: “No way, come one. You would like Ed Sheeran. He’s English too, right?” Bradley: “But then everyone likes Ed Sheeran.” Pol: “And he’s orange like you too. Aren’t the two of you related?” Bradley: “Sort of, but I’m a lousy singer. Not too many ginger guys make it, so we have to stick up for each other. Brothers for life.” Pol: “Let’s just agree neither of us get a point here.”

Pol vs Bradley: 4:8.5

Favorite corner? Pol: “Bradley would like a hard and very technical corner, lacking any form of grip. That’s where he shines; that’s the sort of corner he likes most.” Bradley: “The corner everyone hates, I love. Completely counterintuitive. Take a rainy day at Misano, turn 1. That would probably be it for me.” Pol: “It would be impossible to guess my favorite; I don’t even know what my favorite corner is!” Bradley: “I really like nicely cambered corners, but those are becoming rare. Assen’s Stekkenwal is one.” Pol: “Loads of grip, too. That’s one amazing corner, indeed.” Bradley: “And the final turn at Phillip Island is the same. You turn in, the bike slightly floating, only to pick up the grip again really fast. That sensation is awesome.” Pol: “We didn’t really score any points here, did we? But we both did have nice answers. What would you say if we both get a point, for the effort.” The judges aren’t particularly harsh today. A mark on both scorecards. Pol vs Bradley: 5:9.5

Pol Espargaró (ESP) KTM RC16 Assen (NED) 2018 © Jarno van Osch/Shot Up Productions | Guus van Goethem

Favorite fruit? Pol: “I go for grapes, he eats a lot of them.” Bradley: “I do, actually. And Pol’s favorite fruit? Let me think.” Pol: “Don’t you dare say bananas! That would be too easy of a joke to make.” Bradley: “No, I think he probably really likes durian.” Pol: “Oh no, that’s that weird Malaysian fruit, right? Those things smell so bad.” Bradley: “The smell is horrendous, I know. But they really don’t taste too bad.” Pol: “Yeah, it’s really bad. So bad even, you’re not allowed to bring durians to your hotel.” Bradley: “Yes, and Pol loves them.” Pol: “No, I really don’t! I can’t come up with what they call my favorite fruit in English. [Pol gets up and gets a piece of fruit from the bowl in the Red Bull Hospitality]. This, what do you call that? A plum? Yeah, that’s right! I like those.”

Pol vs Bradley: 6:9.5

Favorite street bike? Bradley: “That’s the Husqvarna Vitte … something Pilen.” Pol: “It’s the new Husky, but I’ll go with the Svartpilen. That bike looks so cool. I don’t have one yet, but I’m waiting for it now.” Bradley: “Hahaha, That’s right. I remember Pol at last year’s EICMA in Italy. He just had to have one. Of course, he’s still hoping they’ll give him one.” Pol: “For Bradley it has to be an enduro bike of some sorts. Something like those new KTM 300cc 2-strokes.” Bradley: “If we’re sticking to KTM built bikes, that would be the one, yes. But I’d really love me something like a café racer. KTM just doesn’t build bikes like that. The other day I saw a promo on Max Verstappen’s new bike. That thing is incredible. I think that would be my dream bike right now. It’s completely different from anything that’s come before it. You know what, I’ll let Max pay for it and then borrow it off him every once in a while.” Pol: “Yeah, you show him how to ride it.” Bradley: “I will!”

Pol vs Bradley: 7:10.5

Bradley Smith (GBR) KTM RC16 Assen (NED) 2018 © Jarno van Osch/Shot Up Productions | Guus van Goethem

Favorite Marvel or DC character? Bradley: “What’s Marvel or DC?” Pol: “Come on, Brad. You know this!” Bradley: “Is that with all those Spider Man kind of characters?” Pol: “Yeah, those popular superhero movies.” Bradley: “If that’s the case I know Pol’s favorite. Has to be Wonder Woman.” Pol: “Bradley would pick the green one, that ugly guy. The Hulk, that’s right. But Bradley is right about Wonder Woman. I really like her.” Bradley: “She is beautiful, isn’t she? Isn’t the actrice French? I’m pretty sure she is. I’d want her to be French. She could talk French to me all day long, even though I wouldn’t be able to understand a single word she’d say.”

Pol vs Bradley: 7:11.5

Favorite MotoGPTM battle? Pol: “Am I even in with a shout of winning this anymore? Anyway, I have no clue. I don’t even know that for myself, my favorite MotoGPTM battle …” Bradley: “If I remember correctly it was Assen 2015. It was a scrap for P5, so no-one saw the battle on TV, but to me it was the most epic battle ever. We were both in the group.” Pol: “I remember that. That was a really good fight. I also remember having terrible arm pump. I just kept throwing the bike into the corner like a madman, blocking the rest, basically turning myself into some sort of riding chicane. In the end I did manage to come out on top, but the arm pump really didn’t make it any easier.”

Okay, points for you both. That makes the score 8-12.5, with Bradley leading the way. Last question is a bonus. There are two points up for grabs for both of you.

Pol: “I’ve lost already, right? But I’m going to defend my honor by getting this right. Should make the loss feel less painful.”

Pol Espargaró (ESP) & Bradley Smith (GBR) 2018 © Jarno van Osch/Shot Up Productions | Guus van Goethem

His favorite model? Pol: “Model??? I’m going to go with Axel Pons; he’s a model now. What are you laughing about, Brad? He really is a model; I’m not kidding. Come on, tell me! Am I right? I’m not entirely certain it’s right …” Bradley: “You’re only saying this because it’s the only model you know.” Pol: “That’s about right.” Bradley: “Let’s be honest, most pictures of models are photo shopped beyond recognition. So, I’m just going to go with Wonder Woman again.” Pol: “Brad’s right. Let’s just both go with Wonder Woman.” That round changing nothing for the final score – Pol vs Bradley: 8:12.5

Bradley: “Oh yeah, I’ll have that! It’s one of the few times I’ve managed to finish ahead of Pol over the last two years. This is my moment of glory … yeah!” Pol: “But if we turn the page, I win. But okay, I’m content with this. In the end I came out second overall and that’s a podium finish regardless. I’m kind of proud of that.”

Photos: Jarno van Osch/Shot Up Productions | Guus van Goethem

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