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Greetings from Florida! Get ready for AMA Superbike

This weekend the AMA Pro Superbike Championship launches at Daytona. The KTM/HMC team will field RC8 R-riders Chris Fillmore and Tylor Knapp. The first Superbike race is scheduled for late Friday afternoon and the second race on Sunday morning.

Just to get things going the KTM/HMC squad tested in Florida and reeled off some practice laps. Taylor Knapp sent us the following message:

“Hello guys! My first impression and my first ride on the KTM/HMC superbike has been really good. I felt very comfortable and really at home on the bike right from the get-go. It was great to meet my new crew and get to work with everyone before the first race. The Jennings GP was great to shake the bikes down and now I can’t wait to roll out on the high banks of Daytona and get to work to go fast!

Thanks, keep checking-in

Taylor Knapp”

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