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“Everts, Stefan Everts” chats James Bond

Motocross icon Stefan Everts probably wishes he had a euro for every interview he has done over the years, even now in retirement and head of the Red Bull KTM MX2 Motocross team the Belgian is in popular demand. On this occasion however rather than talk two wheels we decided to quiz the ten times world champion on another one of his little (and little-known) passions…a certain, suave British secret agent. Read on…if you accept the mission

Best Bond film? There are so many but I always come back to the last one – Skyfall – I really liked it because the ending and that location and house and its significance was amazing. That lost city he went to as well – in China I think – looked incredible. That’s one of the best things about the Bond films, the places – and new places – that they take you. The opening of Casino Royale, the free-running scene was really cool. That was one of my favourite moments from the films.

Best Villain? There have been a few good ones but Dr No was good for me. The fact that he could not save himself with those metal hands at the end made an impact on me. It was the first Bond film and the villains were not like they are now but they still have cool and quirky things like No’s hands. Javier Bardem in Skyfall was funny but amazing to watch; that camp style, weird hair and then that moment where he doesn’t have half a jaw.

Best Stunt? Which one was it? The one where he jumped from the roof over the helicopter on the bike [‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ Stefan…Ed]. Wow. I saw in the making-of video that they had so many carton boxes set-up to catch the rider and the bike. Doing that jump with the big, heavy BMW…! The twisted car jump in the Man with the Golden Gun was also incredible and I believe it was filmed in Thailand where we’ve just been for a Grand Prix.

Best Bond? Hmmm [long pause]. For sure not Lazenby and Moore. I grew up with Roger Moore and liked him at the time but after seeing what Brosnan and Craig did with the role he seems a bit ridiculous. I like Craig and he is a strong actor with the part. The most charming Bond was without a doubt Connery.

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