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1190 Adventure Blog day 2: Scouting

Part two from Kutti and the inside line on the 1190 Adventure launch in Tenerife…

This day will be a good one. Our plan is to explore the final test route here in Tenerife for almost 100 journalists from 25 countries that will be our guests during the upcoming launch event. The chosen roads have to vary in what they can offer the riders and be the right length between stops and breaks. Also the locations for action- and stills-photography have to be considered as well as sites for video productions. Hannes Seimann, an engine-development engineer responsible for the LC8-twins, has thankfully accepted the role of chief scout. He has already worked out two riding ‘loops’ over the island. Hannes is not only an engine guy through-and-through he also is a dedicated motorcyclist and has a strong feeling for very good motorcycle roads.

Now it’s up to me to check out one of the test loops with the new KTM 1190 Adventure over this Canary island; with its brilliant strips of asphalt and balmy temperatures. I am accompanied by Sebastian »Seki« Sekira, who has been part of the technical development dept at KTM for fifteen years. The technician has been responsible for the complete road bike range since 2011. This means his working field spans: Duke 125, 390, 690, 990, 1190 Adventure and RC8 up to the 1290 Super Duke R Prototype. One thing for sure: his job certainly isn’t boring! Seki, a former two-stroke-race-mechanic, has been full-gas in the last few years and this is an excellent opportunity for him to enjoy some of the fruits of his labour. After a short stretch of high-speed tarmac we headed towards the mountains. Very soon a relaxed scouting trip turns into an amusing follow-my-leader with a colleague who is keen to ‘twist the grip’. Wow, we are moving forward…. No doubt! Sekira has full faith in the electronic riding assistance systems as traction control, ABS and various riding modes, which the 1190 adventure features for the first time. In truth this speed and familiarity isn’t really a big surprise as Sekira, along with product-manager Jörg Schüller (also an ex-racer), have specified, ridden, tested and finally approved the final set-up and specification for these riding assistant systems.

Sekira speeds along, choosing incredibly superb and clean lines with a wonderful style on a capable bike. After taking in a ‘cafe con leche’ nearby the famous ‘Pico del Teide’ volcano (that mercifully remains dormant), we continue on our way. Finally after almost 300 kilometres on all kinds of asphalt, and a distinct lack of straights, we both arrive with a big smile back at our launch hotel. Maybe some people will think: ‘man, these guys have a hell of a job.’ My answer: “Yes, that´s totally right!”

To be continued… (after filling up)

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